Do I pay an enrollment fee upon when I register?
Yes.  Even If you are registering for an audition into one of our Specialist Classes.

What if I am unsure which class to choose? How do I decide?Email: robyn@bytesyouththeatre.com

Are parents allowed to stay and watch for lessons?

No. Parents and Carers are not to stay in the class once it has commenced. Outside there are many green spaces and coffee shops around Buderim.


Children attend BYTES to develop their confidence and improve their skills. When other people watch the learning process, progress can be affected and concentration can also be hampered, particularly if there are younger siblings in the room who might cause a distraction. We also like to ensure that we know who is in our rehearsal space and this operational policy ensures that we do.

I’m not getting any emails. Why?

Sometimes our emails get sent to your Spam or Junk folders so please take a look. Please send us an email and we will double check that the enrolment form has the correct email address.

What happens if I don't get accepted into a Specialist Class and I have paid my Registration Fee?
If we think you would benefit from one of our other classes we will suggest that to you and then, after consultation with you, bill you for the new class offered.  
If you are not successful in gaining a place into one of our specialist classes, and do not want to take part in an alternative class to build your skills, we will then refund your registration fee.

What if I sign my child up for the wrong class. Can I change?
Certainly. With so many different classes, there is a lot of choice and classes are very different. The first few weeks can see some children move to the class most suitable for them.

What if I want to get into a class that requires an interview or an audition?
Firstly Register and pay registration fee for BYTES and the class you would like to go into.
Secondly, Complete the Audition Form on our Audition Page.
Thirdly, learn the pieces and come to your audition day prepared.

What does my child wear to class? Is there a uniform?
We have BYTES colours of Mulberry/Purple/Teal and black, including BYTES T shirts. It is preferable for the students to wear our uniform selections or their own choice of rehearsal wear in our colours. We like children to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to class and BYTES now has a shop with selected attire. 


Younger children should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in.

We ask that all other students change out of their school uniform into appropriate rehearsal wear.

What do I do if I am late collecting my child?

Younger students will wait inside while our Senior Classes are on. If you are late collecting a Senior Student, ( Whose classes are always last) Please text 0414758701 if you will be late and advise what arrangements we are to follow for collection.

What are the costume costs for performances?
BYTE tries to keep costs to a minimum and uses a variety of means. We hire costumes for some shows or have them made specifically. The hire fee for a musical could be between $30-$50 depending on the number of items. Sometimes children find their own. We make every effort to recycle. All students should BUY their own shoes for performance and rehearsal. A simple black character shoe and a neutral jazz shoe are versatile for musical and acting girls as they can be used for a variety of eras. Musical female students will find a natural body suit with clear straps most useful. Senior boys will find black leather dress shoes essential and a pair of black dress pants useful. Junior students need only invest in in neutral jazz shoes. Students are encouraged to have their own makeup kit

Do I have to pay for the whole term at once?

People can arrange to make part payments via internet banking BUT students do not pay per week or on attendance.  The term fee is for the student's place in the class for the term and deductions are not made for missed lessons.

Yes you do. This is a performance theatre company and the costs involved in mounting productions with your children incur costs far in excess of any fees that are taken in for weekly tuition.  Rights and Royalties are paid for all plays and musicals, and every song sung. The hall or performance venues charge for the use of their facilities. We also pay for lighting and sound, sets, props, costuming etc which are not covered by levies. We therefore thank our families for supporting our shows and allowing us to continue to mount these productions.